In our family business, the whole team knows they have more than a job. You’ll join our team as a qualified motorcycle mechanic – where you go and what you become from there, well, let’s just say nothing’s off the table.

By investing in your training and development, we’ll set you up to succeed and realise your potential - while you’re with us and beyond.

If you’ve been a mechanic long enough to know you need more than ‘just a job’, then join our team and start that journey.

The pathway from working to managing to owning is one we’ve done. We know what it takes and how to make it happen. You bring willingness and capability and we’ll provide development and opportunity.

That’s our commitment to the whole team in our business.

Along the way you’ll work on and ride awesome Harley-Davidson motorcycles and be part of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Your training will come from a variety of sources, including Harley-Davidson and other providers to get a broad knowledge and experience.

We pay well because we value people and we reward value in a bunch of other ways. You’ll also benefit from the family run business which has you alongside the owners who understand the value of what money can’t buy, such as:

  • the flexibility family and life require at times;
  • a positive work environment;
  • recognition of things well done;
  • understanding of mistakes being made;
  • respect; and
  • freedom to share your ideas.

What do we expect from you? To consistently bring your best attitude and effort to the workplace, get on board with the team culture, be an eager learner and take great pride in the standard of your work.

What can you expect from us? A strong performing Harley-Davidson dealership that values people, provides a great workplace, and is committed to investing in the team to train and develop each one to succeed and realise their potential.

We are in the business of sharing the enjoyment of Harley-Davidson with others.

Based in the twin cities of Albury-Wodonga, between Australia’s two major capital cities, surrounded by excellent riding roads and many other world-class outdoor recreation options, you can enjoy a lifestyle most people only dream of.

You may not know our story, but we’ve been involved in Harley-Davidson dealerships for more than 10 years and have played a key part in many milestones, awards and achievements with the brand.

If you’re wondering if we stack up and can deliver on what we’re offering, Nigel Keough, the Managing Director of Harley-Davison Motor Company (Australia and New Zealand) is willing to chat directly with you. You can ask him whatever you need to about us, just as we’ll ask your referees anything we need to about you. We’ll supply Nigel’s contact details to those we shortlist for this role.

This role on the team is only open to fully qualified motorcycle mechanics. If you are, and want to stay, an excellent motorcycle mechanic, because that’s how you want to spend your working life, you are also welcome to apply and enjoy being part of our great team.

You can discuss further directly with the owners, Jacob or Steve Gleeson, or submit your resume and cover letter to

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